Beach Essential Must Haves Cottage Beach Boutique

Beach Essential Must Haves Cottage Beach Boutique

Beach Essential Must Haves from Cottage Beach 

Hello Sunshine! It’s finally that time of year for sunbathing, surfing, boating, seashell exploring and swimming in the ocean to your heart's content.  Cottage Beach Boutique has a selection of beach hacks that might just solve your seaside problems. When it comes to a successful beach day, it's all about making sure you have the necessities from Cottage Beach Boutique to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed while taking in all that vitamin D. Luckily, has you covered with affordable beach totes,coolers, tumblers and more.

Beach Sand Holders

We're not sure what's worse — getting sand all over your beverage or not having a place to store it while lounging on the beach. These special drink holders from Cottage Beach will wash away your worries. They're created to dig into the sand and hold assorted beverages. Buy all three patterns in fun coastal designs.

Beach sand beverage holder

Beach Tote Bags

Carrying for a family of — a lot? An extra-large bag from Cottage Beach Boutique might be exactly what you need to make sure every kiddo (and yourself) has everything they need during a beach, pool or boat day. This coastal beach tote is made with exterior PVC-coated polyester shell is waterproof, wipeable and puncture-resistant. The BPA-free food safe lining allows for worry-free use and is easy to clean. Lightweight aluminum loop handles include cushioned covers for comfort.  Features one interior zippered pocket, plus two easy access open pockets. Reinforced base for support and stability and deep pockets to make storing towels, sandals, sunscreen, water bottles and more a breeze. Find Many Coastal patterns and colors to choose from at



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